Inspired by the Seasoned Traveler, Casablanca is Now Available at Feature

Inspired by the Seasoned Traveler, Casablanca is Now Available at Feature

Marissa Villamor

Casablanca was founded in 2018 by French-Moroccan designer, Charaf Tajer. Based in Paris but manufactured in Casablanca, Morocco, Casablanca is known for its use of bold patterns that mixes comfort and elegance into one. Casablanca clothing is a luxury fashion line in dedication to the meeting place of his parents. They fell in love at an atelier in the fashion district of Casablanca. A souvenir of a true love story. Casablanca is also the city where Tajer grew up - taking inspiration of the flamboyance of people living there in the '90s.

Previous to starting Casablanca, Tajer partook in a variety of creative works but lived in the shadows and let his work do the talking for him. The French Moroccan designer is known for his work as a creative director for various brands, like Pigalle, and working with well-known names like Virgil Abloh. Tajer is a student of architecture and also the founder of the Parisian club Le Pompon. All of his past experiences have merged into one as now the founder of the luxury menswear brand, Casablanca. 


Tajer was passionate about creating a line that showed his true aesthetic and love for traveling. In an interview with Complex, Tajer stated how he was inspired by an older gentleman he saw at the airport that was dressed in a tracksuit, a Rolex and wearing loafers with a newspaper under his arm. The gentleman was the epitome of comfort yet stylish which was a major source of inspiration for Tajer. Tajer describes Casablanca as a line that can be worn after playing sports and in the midst of the day turning into evening. 

Casablanca is a menswear collective that is inspired by tropical travels and characteristics of well-seasoned hotels. The brand’s model is to produce high-quality and luxury apparel that is comfortable that reimages the timeless sports aesthetic. Using Neapolitan tailoring techniques, Casablanca is known for its bold all-over prints on button-ups, t-shirts, linen suits and terry cloth tracksuits. Casablanca fashion expresses the marriage of Charaf’s two cultures, the unique fusion of French-Moroccan history and explores their visual conversation.

Casablanca “SÓ ALEGRIA!" Men’s Spring 2020 features a variety of Ready-To-Wear garments that fuses their DNA of pure elegance and comfort. Collar shirts, retro-fitted trousers in tropical colors and knitwear tracksuits are just a few of the handle pieces available. Described as luxury leisurewear, the colorways feature bold colors with pops of white and pastel accents. 

Since its inception, Casablanca has been spotted on many high-profile celebrities from Young Thug, Big Sean and Gunna. Casablanca has also partnered with New Balance in the highly sought after 327 “Idealiste” silhouette. 

To shop the latest collection from Casablanca click here. 


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